Getting Fit by Touring in India!


Kerala features an incredibly topography. From the 650 km of paradisiac beaches along the Arabian Sea coast to the sweeping plains to green hill sides to the tallest peak of the Western Ghats. This topography has created a very diverse biosphere. Tourist places in Kerala has to include the plants and animals so numerous to Kerala.


Nelliyampathy, also spelled Nelliyampathy, is a hill station located near Palakkad, Kerala. Tea, cardemom and coffee plantations dot the hillsides surrounding this hill station and the village even has its own local governing body as well as a thriving orange cultivation industry.

Seeing the Sites

The cloud-caressed peaks of the majestic hill ranges are a sight to behold in Nelliyampathy. On the way in from Pothundy Dam along the road leading to the hill range, tourists can get a closer look at bio farming through the privately managed farms along the road. There are many privately owned hotels and resorts located in and around Nelliyampathy. There are many areas in and around the village that tourists can get breathtaking views of the valley. One of these areas is Seetharkundu which also boasts a magical 100 m high waterfall. Many of these vantage points can be reached by trek or via jeep. Among the exquisite hills you can view the famous fauna and green dense forests as well as catch glimpses of the abundant wildlife so known to Kerala. Such as the Indian gaur, leopard, giant squirrel, elephant, or one of the many species of birds known to Kerala

Events and Festivals

Festivals are very important in Nelliyampathy. They are bright and colorful and celebrated with much zeal and brotherhood. The most important of these is Ekadasi Festival which is celebrated on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight. Easter is also celebrated with a festival with much fervor and dedication by the Christian community during March or April. The Annual Festival, also known as Utsavam is celebrated during February or March on the day of Pushya, it is meant for the purification and revitalizing the powers of the deity.


Listening to old records can help you work out

There are just a few things that I actually require to live: Water, food, air, and, of course, a great record player. Who could live without music? And music of the vinyl persuasion just can’t be beat. There’s a kind of gritty authenticity to the sound that comes from records. I have the best record player around, although, like pizza, any is better than none.

I love entertaining friends, and I love seeing their faces light up with nostalgic delight when I pull out my record collection. It’s funny how simply glancing through that vinyl collection can cause so many memories to just come rushing back. We’ve all created the soundtrack of our lives – the songs that bring back memories of those defining moments.

Let the albums do the talking


Having this at home is a great conversation piece, too. Even if I don’t grab my collection, as soon as anyone sees the turntable sitting idle, the requests for music start coming in. The stories start flowing too, usually the ones that start out with, “Remember that time…”

Time alone is time well spent

I really enjoy being home alone now, spending the night all on my own, lounging around and flipping from one LP to another. A few songs from one album, then onto the next one. I find it so relaxing and actually a quite therapeutic activity. I’ve even fallen asleep a few times listening to my favorite album, just getting lost in the sound, and letting my mind wander.

Waking up on the weekends are my favorite time of the week – pouring a hot cup of coffee and deciding what album I’ll throw on gets my day started out perfectly. And for those rainy days, it’s the perfect company to have. Having a record player at home is possibly one of the best investments I’ve made. It’s added so much fun to hosting friends at my house, and it’s added so much enjoyment to my alone time.

Losing Weight By Taking Care of Pets

While rabbits might not be able to jog with you quite like a dog can, they can definitely help you get into shape. The idea of adding more items into your daily structure of events is crucial for staying on top of things. It is a great idea to make sure that you are never sitting still for more than 20 minutes. This will cause you to go into relaxation mode and decide against doing important things.

Having to feed your rabbit, wash it’s cage every day and as well as all of the other responsibilities that comes with having a pet will keep you busy. You definitely have time for something if you give it priority. And giving yourself a pet and putting the same importance on taking care of the pet as you do losing weight will result in both a happy pet and a happy body.

Where Should You Start?

A lot of people simply get overwhelmed on where to get started at the thought of a new item being added to their daily structure of events. This is because a lot of people think that their life is jam packed already and just can’t see themselves adding more to it.

So, to keep things simple at first, you should just come up with a few rabbit names that will allow you to make the adoption process that much easier. You have to have a name ready to go for when adoption time comes! So make sure you cover that.

After that, we recommend that you somehow find a way to fit into care taking of your new bunny friend. This is crucial because having it in schedule form will make you feel obligated to take care of your bunny.

After you have done these two important tasks, we recommend that you adopt. After that, research into how you can properly take care of the bunny without any restraints.

In around 5, maybe 6 quick steps, you have found a way to lose weight and take on a new furry friend. Seems simple enough. Now get to it!